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assessment 2Primary School consultant Lynn Matthews is our specialist on Formative Assessment which is at the heart of planning for learning and progression. At Learning Cultures, we focus on current government recommendations and how these translate into highly effective classroom practice, consistent approaches across the whole school and provide a continuum of learning from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 and beyond.

We are working closely with several high-profile research organisations to ensure we are at the forefront of new thinking and changes to policy linked to both formative and summative assessment.

Gaining some coaching skills can have a beneficial impact on how teachers and support staff assess pupils in the classroom.

The questioning techniques and listening skills that a coach has are exactly the ones that a teacher needs to ensure that he or she can help pupils to move forward, build for them a belief that they can do more and reassure them that not getting it right first time is fine. Jayne North, Glynis Frater and Sandra Stansfield all have a deep understanding of the theory of Growth Mindsets.

The messages and understanding of the power of recognising effort over success are highly beneficial to learning, motivation and well-being and can make a difference to classroom pedagogy and assessment.