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nigel bishopSince 1st September 2012 I have been a self-employed educational consultant, working with and in schools all over England giving assessment and Pupil Premium. I am a certified trainer for Middlesex University and Save the Children, facilitating the delivery of a parenting package called FAST in a number of primary schools, including two recently in Hull and one in Gainsborough.

I have been engaged since January 2014 by North East Lincolnshire Council to deliver safeguarding training in their schools, and I provided part-time leadership support to an interim principal in a multi-academy co-operative trust in Barnsley from January to July 2014. I have also supported Pupil Premium interventions at a Hull secondary school, working principally as a learning coach, between January and October 2014. I have been an associate consultant with Chris Quigley since June 2014, delivering assessment and curriculum training to primary schools all over England.