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Louise HillanLouise studied Law, Linguistics and Psychology at University and went to to gain a Masters in Human Resource Management. Having been a Human Resources professional, Louise moved into Education where she spent 10 years at a high performing state school.

She began coaching trainee teachers in Impact in the Classroom and developed into coaching and mentoring both staff and students. This led her to make the decision to qualify as a coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management as well as taking Levels 1 and 2 rigorous coaching assessments.

She works as an associate coach in a world class coaching organisation, delivering coaching to corporate executives and senior leaders but her main passion lies with the education sector She is delighted to be collaborating with Learning Cultures, offering extensive experience in coaching education leaders at whatever stage of their journey. She coached senior leaders through the pandemic (in education and in the NHS) delivers a leadership diploma at Harris Academy also coaching students themselves in personal resourcefulness. Her style is to support leaders in education to look at what they are trying to achieve, what their barriers might be, how they can put tangible steps in place, what their blind spots are, encouraging them to think about their leadership style and strategic thinking.

She will work with you to think not just about the What but also about the How.

She has had consistently amazing feedback and coachees report real transformation, cutting through the noise, feeling more energised and supported, consolidating what they know with the benefits of an external non-judgemental sounding board helping to draw out the inner wisdom in them.