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cpd in a boxLearning Cultures deliver bespoke training to groups of teachers at prestigious locations across the UK and internationally. The training we offer is carefully crafted and is developed as a result of in-depth sector led research and validation. We want the learning that comes as a result of our training to be cascaded and shared back in school.

We know, from the many accolades we receive, that the content and resources we provide are excellent and highly relevant to the current needs of leaders, managers, teachers and support staff in schools and colleges everywhere. We also know for some the costs and logistics of sending someone out of school is prohibitive.

For this reason, we are offering some of our popular training courses as packages that can be delivered by staff in school in small bite size sessions such as breakfast meetings or twilight or as whole day in-school training for groups of staff or for the whole school.

CPD in a Box will include,

  • A pen-drive with all the presentations, activity sheets and handouts needed to deliver the training
  • Sets of learning and teaching cards that form part of the content of the day and provide practical learning opportunities for those involved in the training
  • A comprehensive training manual that is a step-by-step guide to how to deliver the training
  • A bibliography of all the research and publications that have been used in the development of the training course
  • A guide to next steps so that the training is not seen as stand – alone and that will ensure that it is cascaded and disseminated widely and leads to improved performance and has an impact on school, team and individual performance

We will be offering the following CPD in a Box opportunities in the first instance.

Defining and Enhancing the Role of the Subject Leader - a 'deep dive' into subject specific implementation

Formative Assessment - Creating the pedagogy of challenge, progression and deeper learning in the primary school

Formative Assessment - Creating the pedagogy of challenge, progression and deeper learning in the secondary school

Re-thinking Appraisal and Performance Management- Creating a coaching culture that leads to influential change through positive learning conversations

The Art of Positive Lesson Observation - creating a culture where lesson observation is a collaborative part of continual professional learning

The Learning Room - a series of strategies linked to metacognition and thinking skills

You can order your Pandora’s box of CPD by telephoning us on 01746 765076 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..