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More about Learning Cultures – a Story by Glynis    

Seven years ago, in December I sat on a seat looking out to sea on a long ferry journey back from France following a wonderful five- day break to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I was about to lose my job as National Programme Director for a high-profile government funded coaching programme for teachers that myself and my large team had spent three years developing and refining. I had decided that the only way forward was to take the fantastic knowledge I had gained as part of this programme and continue to offer schools and colleges across the UK coaching training.

It took most of that journey to choose a name for this new venture. Learning had to be a part of it, but what else would help to convey the power that coaching has to transform practice and ease change successfully across a school or college?


I had witnessed many organisations embrace the coaching programme that we had developed and the culture change was so evident that after many false starts and pages of possible names, Learning Cultures seemed to say exactly what I wanted.

Coaching has remained at the heart of everything we do and the training and development menu has continued to grow and develop as policy changes, OFSTED demands and school systems alter. My vision was and still is to ensure the CPD we offer is relevant, challenging and will provide delegates with resources and activities that they can take back to share with others. At first it was just myself and a small group of two or three trainers who built on the original programme, we now have over twenty consultants and trainers, a suite of offices that includes training and coaching spaces and a dedicated administration team.