If you want to learn more about the power of coaching in schools there are a number of books that might be really useful to you

Visible Learning for Teachers - Maximising impact on learning  John Hattie ISBN 978-0415690157

Outstanding Teaching : Engaging Learners Andy Griffith and Mark Burns ISBN 978-1845907976

Practice Perfect Dough Lemor et al ISBN 978 - 1118216583

Outstanding Lessons Pocket Book Caroline Bentley-Davies ISBN 978-1906610357

I would also recommend having a look at some of the OFSTED reports for outstanding schools, some show a clear link with the coaching techniques that are so useful to creating the right environment for learner centred learning .  Happy reading!!



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November 2014 Newsletter

Date Posted - 02/11/2014


""I have been so inspired by what I have learnt today, different, relevant and so exciting" "The opportunity to practise my coaching skills has really helped to consolidate my thoughts, I know what I need to to next" "The most exciting opportunity within clear boundaries to talk about teaching and learning and share some innovation from colleagues""

Comments from a coaching INSET this January


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