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Learning Cultures continues to support schools, colleges and other educational organisations across the UK.  Our highly qualified and expert team have helped to create a unique whole school, individual or faculty wide Learning Cultures offer that provides learning and development opportunities that deliver cost effective and sustainable CPD. 

Training and development are the life blood for any organisation aiming for excellence and improvement but in these difficult economic times it is essential that any opportunity for development is linked closely to the organisational strategy and is embedded as part of the learning fabric.

The Learning Coaching team is drawn from across the education profession. We consult widely with OFSTED/ESTYN and with Education Schools in universities, headteachers and governors and policy makers and their reviewers to ensure that we have the most up to date information on changes to education policy, the curriculum at Key Stages 1 and  2 and Key stages 3,4 and 5, the legislation linked to performance management and managing change in schools and colleges. We work with highly renowned teacher educators, dynamic leadership gurus, specialists in coaching, experienced and acclaimed trainers in applied learning, skills development and other subject specific areas. Our training programmes are rigorously quality assured and validated by educational professionals and use materials and resources that have been developed through high quality research.

The Learning Cultures Team

Glynis Frater is one of the founders of Learning Cultures. Glynis's has over ten years experience of working as a teacher educator.  She has directed a number of high profile government funded programmes linked to CPD for practising teachers.  She has a profound understanding of how learners learn and the underpinning metacognition that leads to deep learning and the kind of pedagogical approaches that foster independent and autonomous learning.  She has worked closely with the skills agenda and has written widely about how teachers embed the kind of skills all learners need to access knowledge and be successful learners in school and beyond.  She was a lead trainer for the original Key Skills Support programme and has been a part of a number of current and previous projects that support the development of teaching and learning strategies that create opportunities for the integration of literacy, numeracy and ICT skills across all subjects.  Glynis was the National Programme Director for the Subject Learning Coach programme and successfully managed and delivered coaching training for over 1,000 teachers and managers as part of that programme.  She brings to Learning Cultures a great deal of expertise as a coach and as an expert in teaching and learning.  Her work with schools across the primary and secondary phases supporting best practice in transition and progression are well known and she continues to develop new materials and learning tools that will support schools as they plan for the changes to the curriculum, performance management, teaching and learning and the management of change.

Jayne North continues to deliver our excellent 'Crossing the Bridge - Transition from Key Stage 2 to 3' event around the country with amazing results.  She is an expert in supporting schools in preparing learners for this important phase in their education journey.  Jayne also has a wealth of coaching skills and is trained as a Neuro Linguistic programmer.  She has written extensively for NCSL and other high profile organisations and can draw on a wide range of experience from both the primary and secondary phases of education.  Her imaginative style and enthusiasm for all things teaching and learning make her sessions always enjoyable and those who attend undoubtedly go back to school with a wealth of best practice to embed and cascade.  Jane also has experience and has written an excellent resource focusing on Careers Development, the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural agenda and PSHE linked closely to the learning skills that lead to independence, target setting and a strong self belief for learners.

Jenny Berge has been an integral part of the Learning Cultures' team and has a wealth of skills and knowledge particularly in the development of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum. Jenny was a Senior Leader working for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust over many years and supported schools in a variety of high profile contexts.  She was the lead for the Hospitality Diploma developing a range of training and development materials for teachers to support them in planning how to deliver the principal learning and embedding the literacy, numeracy and ICT elements that were a fundamental part of achieving this composite qualification.  She has also overseen several important transition strategies for schools and their partners.  Jenny works still works closely with SSAT to as a lead trainer delivering their TEEP programme, which focuses on high quality learning strategies that support independent learning in the classroom.

John Price is an expert in curriculum design, modelling and timetabling. He has been a Headteacher and a member of the executive team at Wolverhampton Local Authority where he has worked closely with Government and schools as they developed new and innovative curriculum and timetabling structures.  John advises Learning Cultures on new policy and its implications for schools.  He delivers a number of our events linked to curriculum and timetable planning.  He also works closely with individual and groups of schools where they need specific help and support the ensure that their curriculum and timetable are fit for purpose and deliver learning that leads to progression and success for all learners. 

Carol Aston has a wealth of experience in primary education. Having worked for many years as a class teacher, senior leader, Local Authority consultant and senior literacy tutor for trainee teachers, she launched along with her partner ASA Education Ltd: Learning Unleashed, an independent literacy consultancy. Learning Unleashed works closely with Learning Cultures and between us we have created a wide range of resources to support schools develop literacy strategies in the primary and secondary phases and across the transition bridges. Carol and her partner provide expert support for a growing number of schools.  We are working together at the moment to develop materials and resources that will help schools as they plan for the changes to the curriculum that will put far greater demands on the teaching of literacy skills stretching and challenging learners and their teachers.  Delegates on Carol’s courses and INSET days frequently comment that she is ‘inspirational’! As for subject knowledge, schools often observe that she ‘really knows her stuff’. Carol’s MEd specialised in how and why children become lifelong readers. She is passionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of literacy learning.

Jo Tooth Jo is a qualified coach and an Modern Foreign Languages specialist.  She currently delivers a number of our coaching programmes and has the ability to inspire and stretch individuals to think differently about how they teach and how they can encourage learners to be more independent and take control of their own learning.  Jo has experience in the school and the further education sector and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of how learners can make the transition from Key Stage 4 into Key Stage 5 and beyond.  She has also delivered and helped to write some of the materials we use in the training we provide for Cover Supervisors and Support Staff. 

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November 2014 Newsletter

Date Posted - 02/11/2014


""I have been so inspired by what I have learnt today, different, relevant and so exciting" "The opportunity to practise my coaching skills has really helped to consolidate my thoughts, I know what I need to to next" "The most exciting opportunity within clear boundaries to talk about teaching and learning and share some innovation from colleagues""

Comments from a coaching INSET this January


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