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We train teachers and other education professionals in highly effective coaching techniques and they coach their peers and colleagues cascading a culture of reflection, the communication of ideas and an analysis of effective and good practice in teaching and learning and organisational change. Go to our Coaching page to find out more.

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Our SCOPE coaching programme begins with your strategy for organisational improvement linked to change management and excellence and improvements in teaching and learning. We encourage all those who take part in this process to focus on how their actions and activities link into what your organisation is trying to achieve in order to raise standards and maintain or develop a culture that aspires to outstanding practice across the whole organisation.

We work with senior and middle managers who are responsible for translating the strategy into clearly defined objectives and then communicating them effectively to everyone within the organisation. This is a crucial stage in the process and requires managers to reflect on how they currently ensure that all staff have a clear understanding of the vision and how they can contribute to ensuring that strategic aims are met.

Managers are encouraged to identify who within the organisation, partnership or consortium has the right skills and attributes to help to communicate and cascade a culture of excellence and improvement across the whole organisation and who can become an ambassador for change.

Each department, faculty or team needs to have a clearly defined, achievable and measurable set of objectives that they can implement within a given time frame and then evaluate their impact. We train individuals who have been identified by managers as those who have the skills and attributes to lead on embedding and cascading a culture of excellence and improvement in teaching and learning across the whole organisation. We equip them with advanced level coaching skills using well researched and effective coaching models that they can then use to coach others within their team, department or across a whole organisation.

Our Coaching for Effectiveness in-house coaching programme can give you the framework to develop a continuing professional development model that embraces your strategic aims and ensures that teachers are reflecting on their own practice, sharing ideas, resources and materials with others and using motivational dialogue and coaching conversations to embed a culture of excellence and improvement that embraces change and encourages innovative pedagogy and learner centred learning to flourish.

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In order to ensure a process of continuing professional development is at the heart of ensuring high performance in learning and teaching it is essential to encourage reflection and evaluation of the impact of training and development and the coaching process as it is cascaded. Research has shown that training that is not followed up and shared with others has very little impact, where it is shared and embraced as part of a whole organisation focus it has a significant impact. This cascade model gives your organisation a cost effective and highly effective CPD process that really does make a difference to learners, teachers and other educational professionals.


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November 2014 Newsletter

Date Posted - 02/11/2014


""I have been so inspired by what I have learnt today, different, relevant and so exciting" "The opportunity to practise my coaching skills has really helped to consolidate my thoughts, I know what I need to to next" "The most exciting opportunity within clear boundaries to talk about teaching and learning and share some innovation from colleagues""

Comments from a coaching INSET this January


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