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"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them". (Whitmore 2003)

Coaching is a powerful driver for ensuring long-term, sustained changes to teaching and learning practice impact inexorably on individual and organisational performance. To find out more on coaching courses for teachers, please follow the links below.

Find out more about coaching by following the links below:-

  • Help teachers towards professional conversations using Gibbs Reflective Cycle approach.

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  • Managing change is high on the agenda for many of us have a look at Scott and Jaffe’s Change Model which can help towards an understanding of the necessary emotional processes involved in making significant changes – we use it to support whole organisation change management.

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Why coaching can make a significant difference to learning outcomes and teacher performance.

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See below for our bespoke Coaching events.

 Coaching Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Coaching for Cover Supervisors

Coaching for Teaching Assistants and Support Staff

Coaching the NQT - Going beyond mentoring

Coaching for Subject and Faculty Leaders

Coaching for Pastoral Leaders and Year Heads

Successful Performance Management – Creating a cycle of continuous improvement

 Send one or more of your staff to a bespoke coaching event so that they can learn highly effective coaching skills that they can then cascade to others within your organisation.

In-house Whole Organisation Staff Development

Use our SCOPE programme to promote excellence and improvement leading to outstanding teaching, reflective practice and a culture of professional dialogue across your whole organisation.

Regional Coaching Networks

We are launching a series of regional coaching networks around the country to showcase how schools are using coaching to improve performance in teaching and learning and create consistently high quality and outstanding practice in the classroom. These events are for half a day with lunch and provide those who attend with an opportunity to network, take away ideas and resources and learn about the power of coaching. New dates and venues for the autumn term will follow shortly. To register your interest please complete a contact form.

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November 2014 Newsletter

Date Posted - 02/11/2014


""I have been so inspired by what I have learnt today, different, relevant and so exciting" "The opportunity to practise my coaching skills has really helped to consolidate my thoughts, I know what I need to to next" "The most exciting opportunity within clear boundaries to talk about teaching and learning and share some innovation from colleagues""

Comments from a coaching INSET this January


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